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IBN4U-InUrSpirit Broadcast Network-Media 4 The New Millenium

IBN4U-InUrSpirit Broadcast Network-Media 4 The New Millenium

IBN was launched on Monday, January 29, 2007, when it began airing

radio and television programs in the New York Metropolitan area.  “The entire IBN team of spiritually-centered industry professionals, is proud to provide the highest level of ‘quality customer service’ to current and future Network Affiliates, Clients, and Customers. We thank God for the opportunity to provide quality, family-oriented, faith-based, entertainment and programming, to Christians, and all listeners and viewers.

“Powered By Plush”
Plush Studios provides a full range of production, and broadcast
operations, services for IBN, and has spent the last ten years
developing programs in-house, while providing entertainment industry
services for other companies, organizations, and individuals. Plush
Studios continues to provide direct and consultant services for current
and future clients in all areas of entertainment and production, including
radio, television, theater, and live stage production, through its network
of affiliates, and industry professionals.

Through ‘God’s Grace’, we are blessed to have the hard work and support of so many. Most notably, the Community-at-large, whom we are privileged to serve. We have no doubt that what we have accomplished in broadcasting, entertainment, and in life, is ‘God’s plan’. Collectively, we have over 200 years experience in Business, Broadcasting, and Entertainment, and we remain committed, encouraged, and excited by every project and venture. We thank you for your business, and your support. We look forward to building and maintaining a ‘Partnering 4 Success’ relationship with you”. Salute to “All the Blessings of Life”” 


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