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Pretty Ricki on We Got Next

Pretty Ricki on We Got Next

Talithia Lewis, aka “Pretty Ricki” is a rising comedic talent full of passion and energy. Born into a family of singers and actors, Talithia continuously dreamed about finding the right outlet to unleash her creative spirit. Following a challenging period in her life, Talithia channeled her energy into self-motivating and confidence building activities. Recognizing her wit and enchanting presence, in August 2009, Talithia was asked by a friend and club promoter to cohost a comedy show at a club in New Jersey. Her natural stage presence and comedic timing won over the audience and impressed the featured comedians. At the end of the show, Talithia was encouraged by the comedians to pursue stand-up. The club promoter asked her to write a 7 minute bit and booked her on the next show. In September 2009, Talithia performed her first ever stand-up set and was well received. Another family friend was in the audience watching her debut. After the show, he advised that he wanted to introduce Talithia to his cousin who could provide her with some direction and advice about the comedy business. Talithia prepared a 5 minute piece and arrived at her meeting to find out that she was auditioning for Bob Sumner, Executive Producer of Def Comedy Jam. Mr. Sumner was taken by Talithia’s natural talent and presence and subsequently has begun to guide and mentor Talithia in her career as a comedian.

Pretty Ricki Fontaine (for email)Recently, Pretty Ricki has performed comedy sets for the upcoming shows: BET’s Comicview and Laff Mobb’s We Got Next, on the ASPiRE network, launched in 2012 by Magic Johnson and Comcast.


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