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Kuumba Illumination Series

Marcell Russell (& the Truth)

Posted by on Oct 15, 2015 in Featured | Comments Off on Marcell Russell (& the Truth)

Grammy nominated spiritual crooner Marcell Rusell (Marcell & the Truth), continues to deliver in his solo efforts. Filmed at the always cool TeaVaolve in Fells Point (downtown Baltimore), featuring D’Hov, Larry Lancaster, J Marie, and DJ Phaze and a host of cool faces. A guy realizes that in order to invite new things into his life, he has to let go of some old things. In simple we all have baggage but you are blessed if you find someone to help you unpack! Featuring Natalie “the Floacist” Stewart, Scenes repeatedly flash back in Stephen ( a Nigerian & Ecudorian) mind,as he heads downtown to meet his new wife Hannah, (Korean & Argentinan), for lunch at Aloha Sushi. As He is walking through downtown Baltimore he recalls the journey, the ups and downs, the engagement and their...

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Amel Larrieux

Posted by on Oct 12, 2015 in Featured | Comments Off on Amel Larrieux

An urban chanteuse by birth, Amel Larrieux grew up in a West Village “artists building” in New York City, her parents exposing her early to a community of artists and artistic experiences that would mold her eclectic sensibilities. At the age of 18, sure that she wanted to express herself musically, Amel wrote and demoed a song, which led to her pairing with Bryce Wilson to form the duo Groove Theory. As lead vocalist and co-writer for the group, she enjoyed success with “Tell Me,” which broke the top ten on the Billboard Hot 100 and the top five on the R&B charts before being certified gold in October 1995. Released in April, 2006, “Morning” (Blisslife Records) was Amel’s third solo album.  She used it as an opportunity to explore the endless range of promise and potential—as well as...

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Liv Warfield

Posted by on Oct 12, 2015 in Featured | Comments Off on Liv Warfield

Ascending from a family history of extraordinary talent arises a self-trained singer, songwriter, performer, arranger and co-producer, Liv Warfield. A singer who organically blends classic soul, electric rock, sultry rhythm and straight-up sexy blues like Tina Turner — and it’s only the beginning. Liv Warfield has one of the most promising voices in alternative R&B Soul today. She has paid her dues alongside legendary artists such as Prince, B.B. King, The Roots, Dave Matthews Band, and Al Green. Her alternative R&B soul-style is inspired by her musical heroines: Nina Simone, Tina Turner, Sade and Mary J. Blige. Currently, Liv is performing with Prince and the New Power Generation. Her voice is vibrating and powerful that it demands attention with the first listen. So much that she also can be heard singing on Prince’s album the “Lotusflow3r”. Fresh off of...

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Adriana Evans

Posted by on Oct 12, 2015 in Featured | Comments Off on Adriana Evans

Adriana Evans was born into music, both genetically and geographically. Her mother is jazz recording artist Mary Stallings who sang with jazz artists likeCount Basie, Dizzie Gillespie and her godfather being jazz saxophonistPharoah Sanders.[1] As such, Evans finds a great deal of her musical upbringing in jazz music. In addition to being immersed in the sounds of jazz and blues growing up, she also heard Afro Cuban music from her father’s culture. And being a native of the musically rich city of San Francisco, she was exposed to soul, rock, hip hop, and everything in between.[2] At the age of 18, Adriana moved to Los Angeles where she planned to attend college. While living in the city, she met rapper Dred Scott and the two quickly became friends. As their friendship grew, the two began working together in music. Because of this relationship, Adriana Evans appeared on Dred Scott’s...

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Anthony David

Posted by on Oct 12, 2015 in Featured | Comments Off on Anthony David

Anthony David “As Above, So Below.” The ancient Hermetic saying from the legendary Emerald Tablet declares what is the above is from the below, and the below is from the above, and all these works of wonders are from the one (the source). Heady stuff for an R&B album title, but the Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Anthony David has never been the kind of soul artist to “speak loudly, but say nothing.” With David, the sage psalm aptly describes the ruminations of a seeker whose walk travels over roots, soul, blues, reggae and hip hop to unabashedly express the unexpressed in men’s souls, from the carnal and the provocative to the unsure and the vulnerable. Digging deeper with every project, David continues to peel back layers of public identity, political chutzpah, and playa propaganda to use what lies beneath as the...

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Black Carl

Posted by on Feb 25, 2014 in Featured | Comments Off on Black Carl

Black Carl is an indie, funk rock band from Tempe, Arizona. The band is made up of lead singer EmmaPew, drummer John Krause, guitarist Chad Leonard, guitarist and instrumentalist Matt Noakes and bassistIan Woodward. The members cite Otis Redding, James Brown, TV on the Radio and The Meters as influences. Black Carl’s name originated from drummer John Krause’s roommate. “I was recording stuff and let my roommate hear the first song. He laughed and said, ‘This is the Pink Floyd of hip-hop. You should call it Black Carl.’” The band self-released an EP, Black Carl, in January 2008. The EP reached #1 on KASU – The Blaze 1260 AM, ASU’s college radio station for the week of 3/31/08. Black Carl appeared later as guest DJs on the station, appearing after Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat World. The EP features a cover of the Shel Talmy-penned “Bald Headed Woman,” staple in their set. The band has also been known to cover “Psycho Killer” by the Talking Heads. The band’s...

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