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Kuumba Illumination Series

BluWorld Enterprises

Posted by on Jan 29, 2014 in ACE Alliance | Comments Off on BluWorld Enterprises

BluWorld Enterprises is a multi-faceted Organization whose core focus is to maintain a secure foundation, for ‘Business’ in general, through, but not limited to, avenues of General Communication, Electronic Media, Entertainment & Art, infused with Traditional Marketing techniques & Evolutionary Advertising philosophies. I, like many Americans, have found myself seeking alternative ways to support Myself and Family. Limited options led me to organize local businesses that have limited to moderate resources, group them up, and market them as teams, instead of individually. Utilizing a website, and other electronic media, OUR services bring Businesses & Consumers together to understand THE Foundation of THE Community’s Needs. It’s a ‘General Store’ approach that’s been fading away in Our Neighborhoods, and BWE wants to be a part of bringing that feeling...

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Future Systems

Posted by on Jan 14, 2014 in ACE Alliance | Comments Off on Future Systems

Future System’s is launching their new website very soon – but you don’t have to wait to do business with them.  The consulting firm specializes in organizational development, executive assistance, training services that are tailored to your business, your challenges, and your people. Future System’s goal is to get you implementing, not just planning.  Their work is grounded in real business issues to produce tangible, bottom line outcomes. This is accomplished with the use the context of your business to develop the strategies and behaviors necessary for success in today’s market driven climate.

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The Roselle

Posted by on Jan 14, 2014 in ACE Alliance, Faces | Places | Spaces | 1 comment

THEROSELLE is a restoration vision of Jaull Loram.  While everyone else saw an abandoned building, Jaull envisioned a multi-cultural food destination and a thriving community hub that would “provide all walks of life with a place to learn about, create and consume food – and to connect through its common language”   Check out THEROSELLE and learn how you can support the mission.  ...

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I.T.S. (In The Spotlight) Magazine

Posted by on Sep 25, 2013 in ACE Alliance | Comments Off on I.T.S. (In The Spotlight) Magazine

In The Spotlight Magazine created by United Artists, for a diversified adult audience. ITS reports on who, what, where… are In The Spotlight and those who are up and coming into the Spotlight as seen through the creative eyes of artists via photography, graphics, fine arts and literary writings. ITS is produce and published by Olschool Productions, …photos that keep you captivated for a lifetime! Subscriptions: 1 yr. $25 for 4 issues, make checks or money orders payable to Olschool Productions, 227 Woolworth Ave, South Plainfield, NJ 07080  ...

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IBN4U-InUrSpirit Broadcast Network-Media 4 The New Millenium

Posted by on Sep 25, 2013 in ACE Alliance | Comments Off on IBN4U-InUrSpirit Broadcast Network-Media 4 The New Millenium

IBN was launched on Monday, January 29, 2007, when it began airing radio and television programs in the New York Metropolitan area.  “The entire IBN team of spiritually-centered industry professionals, is proud to provide the highest level of ‘quality customer service’ to current and future Network Affiliates, Clients, and Customers. We thank God for the opportunity to provide quality, family-oriented, faith-based, entertainment and programming, to Christians, and all listeners and viewers. “Powered By Plush” Plush Studios provides a full range of production, and broadcast operations, services for IBN, and has spent the last ten years developing programs in-house, while providing entertainment industry services for other companies, organizations, and individuals. Plush Studios continues to provide direct and consultant services for current and future clients in all areas of entertainment and production, including radio, television, theater, and live stage production, through...

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Roselle 24/7

Posted by on Sep 18, 2013 in ACE Alliance | Comments Off on Roselle 24/7

 Creating initiatives to help our community such as Community Crisis Grants, Student Participation Scholarship Program, Health Programs for our community, a Relay Safety Team Program and more. Our people are the backbone of our community. Our organization is run and supported by the volunteers who reside in ROSELLE, for the people of Roselle. Our goal is to raise funds to create programs for the health and welfare of the community, and initiatives in our schools.    ...

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