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Kuumba Illumination Series



“All Independent Artists, All The Time…Simply The Best Music Never Before Heard On Radio!!!”

The Indie Highway, subsequent applications and assigns, is a stand-alone project created as an extension of the Kuumba Illumination Series(KISeries) ‘S’ corporation. The project serves as a multi-media broadcast platform for the (expose, showcasing, and presentation ) non-genre specific efforts of independent artists through a variety of applications and mediums. KISeries is currently seeking funding in support of the growth and promulgation of the project through the mediums of investment, co-venturing, limited partnership and the on-going application of commercial advertising.


To recognize, honor and pay tribute to artist, musicians, and entertainers who have, are, or will make significant contributions the new millennium, global, entertainment scene from a non-genre specific perspective. To create an institution of support circumventing the ‘cookie cutter’ monopolization of mainstream label and media representation, using today’s creative marketing strategies, technologies, and tools forming a platform that includes, but is not limited to; ongoing and continuous global presentation mediums, distribution channels, and performance conduits.


Through the Indie Highway platform institution, talented artist who previously would have had little to no exposure of their efforts will now have at the very least an ongoing viable and supportive conduit to mass audiences. This effort will also allow for creative control, broader less genre specific production, non-label collaboration and presentation et al; and most importantly ownership. Additionally programs will be created, enhanced or otherwise supported that help with the sustenance of the entertainment industry career (benefit packages, health & life insurances, financial planning etc;)

The “Indie Highway” while still a work-n-progress, by design represents an industry attractive amalgam unique to the marketplace. The format includes spins, critiques, interviews and personal commentary, from non-genre specific, independent artist, in music, spoken word, and comedy. The format will go on to include live performances, both in studio and on location, as well as audience interaction (show tickets, product giveaways, music commentary etc;), supported by a multi-media platform, combining radio, magazine, & tv/video, ideologies all in one place.

The primary focus of the station is to present a more inclusive, more global representation of arts, culture and entertainment while still paying homage, albeit with a fresh and innovative spin, to the wealth of local, regional, national and international talent recognizable to primary audiences.

Indie Highway broadcasts ‘LIVE’, 5 times a week(minimum),while streaming 24/7 through the multi-media platform, with networks based in NJ, PA, GA, DMV(District, Maryland,Virginia), & Fl., our local reach is 50,000+, with an average quarterly growth of 2000. The combination of cutting edge technologies, tried and true marketing efforts, allow for multiple sponsorship, underwriting, and/or advertising opportunities.

Outlined below are sponsorship rates for the IndieHighway exprience

Streaming GLOBALLY
Sun thru Thurs 4pm-7pm (EST)

On Location, Live In Studio,
Sponsorship Programs‡

$50.00 – Time & Temp Turnpike

$50.00 – The Main Road Medical Moment

$50.00 – Black History Boulevard Today

$100.00 – A.C.E. Community Alliance

$150.00 to $250.00 – The INDIE Event Calendar(sponsor/submission)

$150.00 – The INDIE Interview

*$300.00 – LOGO LANE

$300.00 – INDIE RAW(acoustic in-studio performance during interview)

*$150.00 – The American Drive-{The Day’s National News}(per show)

$50 $100 – Market Place-Banner Ads/Banner and/or Video

$75.00 – The Culinary Caravan

$750.00 – INDIE LIVE

$2,000.00 – INDIE HIGHWAY Underwriting

$150.00 – Indie Billboard

$10.00+  – The INDIE Toll Booth-General Donation Reciprocated & Appreciated

$100.00 – 30 Minute (minimum) DJ Dance Party

$250.00 – General Commercial Advertising- 60 seconds or less

$300.00 – Video Advertising-60 seconds or less

$150.00/$300.00 – Production-Audio/Video

$350.00-$550.00 – Mobile ready websites
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I understand that if my payment is late after the 5th day of the month, my advertisement will be placed on hold until payment is made.
All changes to terms and conditions of the agreement must be made in writing. Upon amendment of the contract additional fees may be imposed.

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